Welcome to Saidia Financial Solutions, a U.S. based, full-service accounting firm. We strive to equip small businesses and online entrepreneurs with the tools they need to not only start and grow their businesses, but to flourish.

We do this through financial education and through the development of customized tax and accounting strategies.

Our services are provided remotely, through secure online portals, and online consulting sessions (Google Hangouts, Skype, webinars, etc)

Whether your accounting system is through Quickbooks, Xero, or Freshbooks, we can assist you with IRS-compliance, accurate and real-time reporting, and proactive suggestions for time and money efficiency.

Tax Preparation

Federal & State Returns

Saidia Financial

Corporate,  Nonprofit, Small Business, and Personal Tax Returns


Small-To-Medium Businesses

Saidia Financial

Quickbooks Online and Xero Certified; Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Comparison and Analysis Reports for Budgeting & Planning

Payroll Processing

State and Federal Filings

Saidia Financial

State and Federal Compliance; Direct deposit, reports, pay stubs, unemployment and end of year 1099 and W-2 processing

Accounting System Set-up

Cloud-based system set up

Saidia Financial

We set up  your infrastructure and train you to use your system efficiently.

Issue Resolution

Previous years catch-up work

Saidia Financial

 Have you fallen behind on last year’s bookkeeping? We do catch-up bookkeeping and accounting.

New Business Formation

Business startup paperwork

Saidia Financial

We can help with business plans, state & federal startup procedures

DIY resources

Coming Soon

Saidia Financial

DIY tax and accounting courses, free printables, Webinars

Non-profit organizations

State and Federal compliance

Saidia Financial

We complete and file your 501(c)3 application and maintain tax and accounting thereafter 

Tax Planning

Customized Plans

Saidia Financial

We provide customized plans to help you be in control over your tax situation.

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Have you uttered any of the following phrases?

  • “I’m not an accountant, this is so confusing”
  • “What should I report to the IRS about my business?”
  • “How do I know if I need to collect sales tax?”
  • “What’s a balance sheet and why do I need it?”
  • “What do I do with the sales tax that I have collected?”
  • “What are these penalties about?”
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